What you Don’t See, Might Matter the Most

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Seenity’s AI-driven data platform empowers organizations to gain full control over traditional and chaotic data, both internal and external, resulting in automated insights that boost performance and profitability while keeping risks significantly low.

Visibility into Chaotic Data

We provide you with clear visibility into your organization’s internal data combined with accessing and analyzing external data - to uncover the most relevant contextual information for excellent decision-making and personalized predictions

Actionable Insights at Your Fingertips

Our AI-driven power of extracting and analyzing the most relevant and accurate data for every business use case is multiplied by our fully automated platform’s ability to extract real-time models, simulations and actionable insights - with one quick click, and without compromising data safety and compliance

A Real Edge
in a Competitive Market

Easily uncover risk and value points to help drive revenues and reduce unnecessary costs - ensuring a competitive advantage positioning you at the forefront of your industry.
The world is shifting towards personalized business experiences. Our platform provides the visibility and analysis of internal and external data and the automated insights that help you best tailor products and pricing on an individual customer basis.

Product Benefits

360 Data

The only way to get better visibility is by combining internal and external data sources for a complete 360 data-view


Easily choose what data is most impactful to your bottom line and simulate models before implementation 


Better visibility into chaotic data provides you with more relevant data you can use, resulting in enhanced accuracy of actionable insights and models


We enable you to tailor products per customer through accurate contextual data and advanced automated models


Our distributed architecture enables you to keep sensitive data within your secure internal network

Real Time

We extract and analyze real time internal and external data to provide, via an automated flow, current real-life insights


Our platform is very easy to implement into your workflow, and the user friendly dashboard is simple and intuitive


Our AI and machine learning engines allow you to customize the platform to the relevant needs of your business


By creating digitized interconnections and visibility we help create coherence that helps set priorities and clean up organizational noise 

It’s Not Just About MORE Data - It’s About the RIGHT Data

Our technology empowers organizations to gain full control over internal and external data, and provides automated insights to boost performance and profitability, quickly, while keeping risks low and safety as top priority.

Next Level Risk Assessment

Ron Shvili

CIO & CTO Phoenix
"Seenity’s platform is revolutionizing risk assessment for insurance companies, impacting loss ratios and profits. It helps us underwrite more accurately, reduce friction costs and keep our lead in a competitive market."

Improving Underwriting Processing

Oren Sher

Corporate Vice President
Underwriting is known to be a time consuming process. Seenity’s AI and predictive analytics speed up this process significantly while enabling us to process more data more efficiently and accurately.

Game Changing Risk Management

Erez Atia

Gamma VP of Innovation
Seentiy brings a game changing solution to our company’s credit risk management. Its platform provides us with faster, more accurate underwriting capacities that significantly increase our credit portfolio.

Tailored Risk Assessment

Shachar Ron

F.IL.A.A M.B.A Chief Actuary
As exclusive operators of the official statistical database of compulsory Motor Bodily injuries Insurance, on behalf of the Israel Ministry of Finance and all Israeli Insurance companies, the Seenity AI Platform succeeds in tailoring the risk to the specific client in an optimal way, thereby reducing the loss ratio impressively.