Taking Chaotic Data Visibility to the Next Level

Transforming Data Visibility with The Power of AI

Organizations today rely heavily on data for risk assessment and decision making, but many lack the technological capabilities to access all possible data at their disposal and translate it, quickly and efficiently, into actionable insights within a fully digitized flow.

Seenity helps you overcome this barrier, taking your data visibility to the next level. Through a fully automated pipeline, based on AI-led data extraction, we identify and analyze your chaotic data. Combined with internal organizational and external data sources, you enjoy data visibility like never before. Our fully-controlled and secure automated process offers personalized and accurate models based on this data that are customized specifically to your business goals.

The Four Pillars of The Seenity Platform

Collection & Enrichment
We tap into chaotic internal and external data from a variety of sources, analyzing and enriching it to uncover comprehensive contextual information. This process is designed to be fully controllable by our clients in every step of the way.
Extracting Insights For Data Features
Seenity is able to process data insights into meaningful data-features. These features are specifically tailored to each client through a set of well-defined rules and provide clear categories that best serve our clients’ needs.
AI Modeling Pipeline & Simulation
Our platform provides smart and tailored simulations designed to assess the impact of a model on our clients’ performance. These simulations are powered by clear data-features and Seenity’s advanced AI engine.
Real-time Predictions
Real-time predictions provide maximum effect for streamlined decision-making. Our predictions are guaranteed to be highly impactful as they derive directly from real world data, in real time, using advanced AI prediction capabilities.


Our cutting-edge technology empowers your business to streamline internal and external data, giving you complete control over the information you need to reach your goals.
Control what data you need in order to meet your business goals
Live simulations
to validate data sets
and outcomes
Streamline internal
and external data
Meet compliance and security requirements
Personalize data analysis to meet your customer's needs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chaotic data?
Chaotic data refers to data that is unstructured, disorganized, or unpredictable in nature. It often lacks a clear pattern or structure, making it difficult to analyze or draw meaningful insights from it. Managing chaotic data can be a challenge for organizations, as it requires advanced techniques and technologies to extract value from it.
How does the Seenity Platform work?
The platform provides advanced models based on seamless connectivity to external, unstructured data sources, in real-time, transforming this data into features, and integrating them into an AI-powered risk engine as part of a fully digitized flow.
How will we benefit from the Seenity Platform?
Seenity’s AI-driven data platform boosts performance and profitability by empowering organizations to gain full control over traditional and chaotic data, both internal and external.

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